MYBA CHARTER SHOW 2014 - Just Right

Posted Jan. 29, 2015, 12:37 p.m.
MYBA CHARTER SHOW 2014 - Just Right (Download PDF) MYBA Charter Show Genoa 2014 - Just Right By Norma Trease (Yachting Matters - Edition 27, Autumn/Winter) More than a quarter of a century on, the MYBA Charter Show has finally come of age. From a relatively casual start with several very pleasant years in San Remo, the MYBA Show has only grown from strength to strength since landing in Genoa 15 years ago. Meticulously planned by MYBA, and perfectly managed by organizing partners Pesto Sea Group, this is the ‘show of shows’ in the Med, and kicks off the charter season for yachts, brokers, suppliers and crew alike. In previous editions, the show has been both larger and smaller, but as Goldilocks says, in 2014, the MYBA was “just right!” Hosting more than 50 charter yachts, power and sail, from 24m to above 74m, this years’ MYBA Charter Show hailed back to gentler times. A smaller fleet made for less crowded docks, with considerably fewer “housewife” brokers and therefore more time was available for charter brokers to attend to the serious business of viewing the yachts and meeting the crew. The smaller yachts varied widely from classics such as the 26m M/V Sultana and 30m Mrs. White to the sleek 29m Bibich and the well-known 30m Leonardo, while “normal sized” sailing yachts included the clean-lined 25m Aegir and the 27m motor-sailor My Lotty. At the other end of the scale, this years’ MYBA featured as always some spectacular superyachts including perennial charter favourites the 63m Polar Star – newly under the command of Luke Raubenheimer, and the always popular 53m Passion. Back for another show, Cpt. Paul Bickley again showed his charter creds on board Latitude. Some familiar yachts sporting all new looks were the 55m Turquoise and the 56m Benetti, Galaxy, now totally modernized with a cool young owner who was smart enough to keep his most excellent skipper, Luke Humphries. As ever, it is the events which make a show, and this years MYBA Charter show is no exception. Back to basics, the official MYBA soiree was held at the panoramic Genoa Aquarium, with a crowd of several hundred attending, who included captains and crew, brokers, press and suppliers. Offering probably the best buffet and cocktails yet seen at this iconic harbour-view terrace, the celebrants were fueled to dance the night away under the stars. This years’ Yacht Hop was as good as it gets, with several yachts offering competing high-quality entertainment, but while honourable mention must be given to Polar Star for a very worthy Disco Dance, Capt. Otto Linzell and his Chief Stew Suzy Sawers certainly deserve a hard-earned Best Party award for their rocking party which featured yachting’s favourite band, Blah Blah – and the dancing never stopped! Rounding out the week, the closing Super Hero Crew Party was another resounding success, allowing weary crew the chance to relax and be served for a change. MYBA pulls out all the stops throughout the week, organizing seminars, guided cultural city tours and endless brokers lunches and dinners. MYBA Charter Show Chairman Jacqui Lockhart and her hard-working show board members certainly show that they understand what chartering – and a charter show - are all about: world-class hospitality. In its second year, the Chef’s Competition again allowed the charter chefs, service teams and their supporting crew to show off their skills and esprit de corps. With a theme of “Brunch” it was a tough job for the judges, who included Andrea Poitier from Northrop & Johnson, Burgess’ Sonia Palfrey, competition organizer Sarah Sebastien, a series of local super-star chefs and yours truly representing Yachting Matters magazine ( The chefs certainly outdid themselves, with a mind-boggling variety of offerings, notably Axioma’s hilarious ‘Science Experiment’, Polar Star’s Rabbit Feast, Nassima’s awesome ‘Dessert by the Yard’, Australis ‘Sping Garden’, the ‘Romanza’ onboard Nameless, and the ‘Elements’ of Sultana – which included card tricks by chef George. The Award Ceremony, hosted by sponsors Superyacht World, was emceed by Norma Trease and attracted a full house of hopeful chefs, steward/esses and crew. The several dozen winning chefs and stew teams proudly mounted the flower-bedecked podium to raucous, prolonged applause. Bravo to one and all! Please see full results below. There is always a bit of intrigue, and this years’ hot topic was “where next?” for despite the great times and always capable management in Genoa, the brokers and the yachts naturally are thinking of new destinations – but that is at least a couple of years away, so there will be plenty of time for more deliberation and debate. But no matter where, it is sure that the MYBA team will always throw a show worthy of the world-class yachts and crew they represent. It is the perfect mix – a professional organization, which organizes and hosts a show geared exclusively to what they do best: bringing the best charter yachts together with charter clients. ‘Tisa beautiful thing! HOME The MYBA Charter Show 2014 Chefs’ Competition Winners! Yachts 36m and under 1st Leonardo Chef Giles de Cambourg 2nd Heliad II Chef Antonio Fernandez Figueras 3rd Baltazar Chef Barbara Fanera Yachts 37 to 49m 1st Zoom Zoom Zoom Chef Micail Swindells 2nd Roxane Chef Matthew Sumner 3rd Sirocco Chef Jochen Provoost Yachts 50m + 1st Galaxy Chef Cameron Davis Prize 2nd Polar Star Chef Pepijn Mittelmeijer 3rd Turquoise Chef Graham Dutton MYBA Show 2015 - 27th - 30th April, Genoa Our Editor-At-Large Norma Trease has been a Judge at numerous yacht chef and service competitions following a long career as an award-winning chef and yachting insider. She is professionally based in Barcelona, representing Marina Port Vell on behalf of Salamanca Group. ----------------------------------------------------------------- A MYBA Insight MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association, turns 30. The Superyacht Industry has been through immeasurable changes in these past 3 decades, and MYBA has always aimed to be the driving force of our industry, working closely with Government Organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, Licensed Marine Underwriters, Insurance Companies and Lawyers. During the course of these 30 years MYBA has produced invaluable tools to help our members and the Superyacht Industry as a whole. To celebrate our 30 years of existence, here are 30 of MYBA’s greater achievements since its foundation in 1984. 1. 1984: MYBA is founded originally as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, hence the acronym MYBA 2. 1986: 1st MYBA Sales & Purchase Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) distributed 3. 1986: MYBA West Med Terms for Charter published 4. 1988: 1st MYBA Charter Agreements distributed 5. 1988: 1st International Yacht Charter Meeting (IYCM) in San Remo, with assistance from and supported by MYBA 6. 1995: Individual Membership of MYBA is introduced 7. 1998: MYBAnet launches in live test mode – the site went official and was invoiced in 2000 8. 2000: MYBA’s growth and ongoing projects result in hiring of administrative staff 9. 2001: MYBA takes over the International Yacht Charter Meeting (IYCM) held in San Remo since 1988 - 10. 2002: First Yacht Managers become Members of MYBA 11. 2004: French Commercial Yacht Status VAT exemption driven by MYBA 12. 2007: MYBA goes global and changes its name to MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association 13. 2007: MYBA public website launched – 14. 2007: MYBA Brokers’ Seminar - 15. 2008: close work with FYBA and AYCA on standardisation of the terms of charter contracts between the associations. The AYCA Charter Contract now mirrors many of the clauses of the MYBA Charter Agreement and evolves alongside the regular revisions of the latter 16. 2008: MYBA releases Charter Captains’ Guidelines 17. 2008: MYBA releases Charter Brokers’ Guidelines 18. 2009: MYBA joins ICOMIA with access to IMO and funds a consultant to attend ALL the meetings 19. 2009: MYBA wholly-owned commercial company All Yachting SAS (AYSAS) incorporated 20. 2010 : the new MYBA Members’ intranet system Messenger is launched 21. 2011: YACHTFOLIO Panel is created (system policing and processing of subscription applications) 22. 2012: MYBA Charter Agreement E-Contracts website launch – 23. 2013: New YACHTFOLIO Charter launch replacing MYBAnet’s old technology – Thank you MYBAnet for 14 years of loyal services! 24. 2013: 25th Anniversary of the MYBA Charter Show 25. 2013: MYBA affiliation with EBI, funding work and lobbying at EU level to represent and defend the interests of the superyacht segment 26. A MYBA delegation met in Brussels with the EU to discuss our input to the EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions policy consultation followed by participation at other events 27. 2013: Economic Impact Study initiated and driven by MYBA produced by the London School of Economics – this is proving to be a useful lobbying aid 28. 2014: YACHTFOLIO Sales development 29. 2014: MYBA supports and invests in the Palma Superyacht Show 2014 30. 2014: MYBA begins supporting the 1st Nafplion Charter Show
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